Running Experience

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Be charmed by the beautiful Slovenian capital and visit the jewel of the Alps – Lake
Bled and participate in one of the most colorful marathons in Europe, all with the
support and guidance of experienced local running coaches.
Four or five day packages to stunning Slovenia for the spectacular Ljubljana
marathon, Kraški marathon or Radenci marathon.


About capital city Ljubljana

Ljubljana was recently named as No.2 in the “Best in Europe” list by Lonely Planet.
‘One of Europe’s greenest and most liveable cities, with a vibrant cultural, café and
nightlife scene that gives it the feel of a perpetual street party’. (Lonely Planet)
With over 10,000 events a year, there is a Ljubljana moment for everybody. Be one of
the 18,000 participants in the city’s well run and friendly marathon and make this your
moment. The city attracts many thousands of visitors each year who struggle to find
time to take in everything that Ljubljana has to offer. The marathon’s course will
introduce you to many of Ljubljana’s most enchanting sites, and leave you with
indelible memories of a truly amazing city. Lying in the heart of Slovenia, Ljubljana will
give you options to explore and train in stunning locations, such as alpine jewel, Lake


About the races


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Cycling Adventure

Some of the best European roads and forest dirt roads are in Slovenia and you will travel from the peaks of Alps through the vineyard hills to the warmth of the Mediterranean Slovenia while you train, learn and perfect your cycling or triathlon techniques.