Mini Cruise Netherlands


If you arrive by boat in Amsterdam, you immediately feel attached to this charming water town with numerous bridges and canals built around the old merchant houses. If you hop on a bike and take a ride toward the oldest Dutch flea market,  Waterlooplein, you can be pretty sure to get an insight into the hustle and bustle of the town. In Rotterdam, the modern sister town and the third largest seaport in the world, the architecture testes your senses with dice-houses or huge raspberry ceiling pictures. In the tiny but charming town of Nijmegen, beautiful parks and two splendid museums will take your breath away – a bicycle museum and the MuZIEum, where you will experience how it feels to be blind or partially sighted, as you will walk in the building in total darkness.




Day 1: Cologne, 17:00

Meet with the other guests at the dinner and learn how to say cheers in Dutch – Proost. Welcome to the Netherlands!


Day 2: Amsterdam, 09:00 – 00:00

Amsterdam is a real cultural gem. So much to see, so much to experience. Starting with the colourful flea market, where you will surely find something for you. This will be followed by the visit of Keukenhof, the well-known tulip park (end of March to middle of May).


Day 3: Rotterdam, 08:00 – 14:00

Colourful historical buildings in Rotterdam remind of charming dollhouses – they are so beautiful and really unique! From the New York Hotel you will be able to make great snapshots of the Erasmus Bridge. When sailing through the Rotterdam seaport, you will experience how gigantic this thing is. Simply majestic!

Afternoon sight-seeing cruise of the Port of Rotterdam.


Day 4: Nijmegen, 08:00 – 13:00

On the market square of Nijmegen the old scale building “de Waagh” is located, where the merchants used to weight their goods. At noon the wide landscapes pass by in slow motion. And you? Your task is to relax at the onboard spa and enjoy the trip.


Day 5: Cologne, 06:00 – Disembarkation

A fabulous mini-cruise is over. Make sure to make another one a bit longer!


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