Danube Highlights


The Blue Danube flows past numerous beautiful places described in poems and fairy tales and on this cruise you will get a sight of many of them. Do not be surprised, when you will feel you need to send the old-fashioned postcards back home or when you won’t be able to stop taking selfies on the most breathtaking spots you have ever seen. This cruise will not only be the journey through the European history, this will be one of the most remarkable adventures in your life. Vienna and Budapest, the former capital cities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, boast the magnificent baroque architectural style and the finest Hungarian Art Nouveau creations. Yet, in the midst of the old splendours, both cities seem distinctly cosmopolitan – and this is what makes them even more interesting. A bit different from Vienna and Budapest seems Bratislava, the Slovak capital. The self-confident and perhaps a bit more mysterious capital is the place which will amaze you with their national dish – Bryndzové halušky – noodles with cottage cheese from sheep’s milk. Simple, but delicious.




Day 1: Engelhartszell, 17:00

The first day of the cruise begins with the romantic sunset on the Danube. With a glass of wine, you will make a toast to an upcoming adventure.


Day 2: Wien, 14:00 – 20:00

A morning wellness on board. Relaxed, you will start exploring Vienna. In the Ferris wheel, the city will seem to be lying at your feet. And the carriage will take you through the lively streets to the Stephan’s Cathedral.


Day 3: Budapest, 12:30 – 20:00

In Budapest, you will first take a tour of the Fischerman’s Bastion and stroll through the picturesque castle quarter.


Day 4: Bratislava, 13:00 – 18:00

Nothing compares to the city of Bratislava. This is the city of the contrasts. Where Baroque meets prefabricated buildings and socialism goes hand in hand with the monarchy. This the place where you will try your first water pipe in the café.


Day 5: Passage Wachau, Austria; Linz – 16:00 – 23:00

Today we will pass the famous vineyards of Wachau, where the delicious wine you tasted yesterday is made. From your deckchair, you will enjoy observing the charming landscape dotted by numerous castles. In Linz it’s all about art and cakes – and the starry sky in the middle of the day – a well-known observatory is located there.


Day 6: Engelhartszell, 07:00 – Disembarkation

Back to Engelhartszell. Satisfied and full of new memories, we hope that you join us again on another river cruise.


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