Classic Tour Through Slovenia

Tour type: Self-drive with electric car

Starting: Ljubljana airport – Ending: Ljubljana airport


Upon arrival to the airport, you will take over the electric car, which will be your e-mission free transportation for the following week. The car company representative will be waiting for you
and explain all details regarding the car. You can download an app with all locations of charging stations, which are in every city. You will be provided with all necessary cards for these stations
and will be charged accordingly to the usage upon returning the car. The car also includes plugs and cables for charging at stations or even at a regular electric socket.
However, most of hotels included in the itinerary offer their own charging stations, so you will easily park and charge the car in front of your accommodation.
The electrical charging is free or at least significantly cheaper than the price of regular fuel. Also, upon returning you don’t need to return full battery as with the standard cars.



Explore our gorgeous green country Slovenia and let us lead you through the unforgettable experience at your own pace. Starting from picking up the electric car at the Airport, continuing the
road to the fairy tale shores of Lake Bled with spectacular view of the mountains and crystal-clear water. You’ll have the chance to feel the vibes of peaceful Vintgar Gorge that made its path between the rocks, drive through the country’s highest mountain pass Vršič, see the rushing cold waters of Soča River and feel the amazing nature of Goriška Brda wine region. You’ll experience sunsets at Slovenian coast and visit the green capital Ljubljana next day, where you’ll feel just like at home. Enjoy the nature this small country is known for – along with caves, castles, and its rich history.


Day 1: Ljubljana Airport – Bled (40km, 25min)

Upon arrival to Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, you’ll pick up your rental car and drive towards Lake Bled. This breath-taking lake is one of Slovenia’s main attractions including its islands. One of the most known things about the Bled island is the church bell, also called the wishing bell, that you could ring while making a wish, which then supposedly comes true. The Bled Island is easily accessible, as there are numerous traditional boats with the name pletna, making their trips there daily. If you feel like refreshing yourself, you can even swim to the island, or make the trip more active, borrow a boat and paddle yourself. In that area you can also choose between bunch of hiking and biking trails. Also, you must not leave Bled without eating the most famous traditional Bled cream cake.

If time permits, we recommend visiting Vintgar 1.600m long gorge, full of small waterfalls,  rapids, and erosion potholes where the river briefly slows down its pace. Trails, narrow passages, and bridges lead a visitor to the end of the gorge, which is marked by the magnificent 16m-high waterfall Šum, which is the highest fluvial waterfall in Slovenia.

At the end of the day, if you haven’t visited Bled Castle yet, consider enjoying a royal dinner with an amazing view at its restaurant.


Day 2: Bled – Bohinj (22km, 25min) – Vogel (8,8km, 30min) – Kranjska Gora (76km, 1h 40min)

In the morning start your trip to the nearby Lake Bohinj. It’s beauty really deserves time for exploration of its own. You’ll have countless walking trails in the area, suitable for all ability levels, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Don’t forget to visit the magnificent ‘Kingdom of Zlatorog’ that will make your heart leap in every season of the year. Enjoy the beautiful colours and the breath-taking views.

If you’re feeling more aquatically inclined, you can also canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard on the smooth water before you continue towards Vogel that lies within the Triglav National Park at the head of the Bohinj valley. As you get there, park your car in the free parking area and you’ll reach the lower Vogel cable car station. Vogel cable car then takes you to the upper cable car station, to a height of more than 1.500 m above sea level.

When you think that your day could not be more magnificent, continue to Kranjska Gora where you can explore the beauty of another lake, Lake Jasna. You can cool off by the lake with a refreshing drink or ice cream and enjoy the view of the beautiful Julian Alps in the background. You can walk around Jasna along well-kept paths and if you’re lucky, you can catch some musical performances with the wonderful scenery on beautiful evenings.


Day 3: Kranjska Gora – Vršič pass (12km, 20min) – Soča valley – Goriška Brda (98km, 2h 10min)

Today, you will drive through the central Julian Alps and across Vršič Pass, the highest pass in Slovenia with its 1.611m. You can stop there and have something to eat or drink in the mountain cabins. If you plan your trip for early Spring be aware that the road might still be closed due to snow (alternatives will be provided).

As you’ll drive towards south to Goriška Brda wine country, you’ll make your way through Soča valley where you’ll have the chance to discover all the hidden spots of this beautiful, ice cold river.

When arriving to Goriška Brda, it will be just the time for some relaxing glass of wine. The region has deserved its nickname of »Slovenian Tuscany« because of numerous family vineyards, tiny little churches and cypress trees. The place you must go is the village tower which opens the best view from Slovenian Alps to the Adriatic Sea. And do not forget to visit some winemakers, or two…or five.

We believe your stomach will be craving for some food by the time so we recommend you some snacking at the locals that will offer you with the best cured meats and cheeses. After the long day, you can have an ultimate dining experience at House Franko restaurant. In June 2020, when the first edition of the Slovenian Michelin guide was revealed, Hiša Franko received two Michelin stars.


Day 4: Goriška Brda – Slovenian coast (96km, 1h 20min)

Spend the morning exploring Goriška Brda wine country on foot or rent a bike, then continue on towards the Slovenian coast. You will drive pass the heart of Kras region which is known by their famous prosciutto and Teran wine. Stop there to explore the hilltop towns and villages and take some time to try their specialties.

Continue your way towards Slovenian coast. From the purpose-built beaches to the small narrow streets rich in history. From the cosmopolitan promenades to the romantic sunsets. From the authentic tradition of local customs and practices to the habits of the modern urban rhythms. Discover all of them – Portorož, Piran and other surrounding areas of the Slovenian Istria. It will take your breath away.


Day 5: Slovenian coast – Postojna cave (70km, 48min) – Ljubljana (53km, 41min)

In the morning take some time to enjoy the lovely Portoroz. After leaving the coast, stop on the way at Postojna cave where you’ll spend 2 hours guided tour to the most captivating cave with magnificent cave formations. Including the unforgettable ride on Postojna Cave’s underground train and experience a fascinating subterranean paradise shaped by tiny droplets over millions  of years. Nearby you will find Predjama which is built in the face of a mountain. If time permits go and take a look of it. It is the largest cave castle in the world!

Afterwards, continue towards the green capital Ljubljana. With a population of around 300,000, it’s also the country’s largest city. You can explore the narrow streets or stroll along the banks of the Ljubljanica River. At the top of the hill above the city, Ljubljana Castle is another great place with a beautiful view. You will get there with the funicular which slowly rises above Ljubljana.

Save the castle for last, so you can enjoy the dinner at the restaurant on top.


Day 6: Ljubljana – Velenje (75km, 1h) – Koroška (35km, 40min)

After starting your day with warm coffee in one of the cafeterias by the Ljubljanica river, continue your way towards north. There among the rolling green hills of Šaleška valley, lies the youngest city called Velenje. It is known by the largest family festival Pippi Longstocking, the mine that created a lake due to coal mining and the footprints left by Josip Broz Tito – Yugoslav leader.

On Tito’s square you can find his biggest monument in the world.

The thing you can’t miss is the unique experience of Mining museum. Take the challenge that’s waiting for you 160m deep down into the largest Slovenian coal deposit. Its lignite layers have enabled production of over 220 million tonnes of lignite so far. Piled on wagons, it would make up a train that could encircle the Earth twice. Learn the secrets and tradition of coal mining dressed just like workers, including the lunch snack in the pockets. Good luck!

From there you can walk or drive towards Velenje lake where you can freshen up with some swimming or simply enjoy the moment on pedal boat or sup board.

Drive through the curvy road towards Koroška region where you must try timber rafting on Drava river. Surrounded by nature while floating down the most beautiful part of the river, will certainly be an unforgettable and fun experience. The journey including the programme lasts for 2 hours.


Day 7: Koroška – Maribor (68km, 1h 15min) – Žička Kartuzija (42km, 35min) – Ljubljana (92km, 1h 10min)

This day will lead you towards Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia. After a good hour drive through the curvy road, you will have a chance to visit the oldest wine in the world at the Old Wine House. The confirmed age of this “Žametovka” or “Modra Kavčina” vine is over 400 years, which won it a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest noble vine in the world still bearing grapes.

Continue your way towards Žiče Charterhouse which is a former monastery, once home of the “white monks”. Today it is a place for relaxation and escape from the hustle and bustle. There you can enjoy some medieval lunch and afternoon coffee in the oldest restaurant in Slovenia. Return to Ljubljana where you will stay overnight to relax and get some good night sleep before going back home.


Day 8: Ljubljana – Ljubljana Airport (25km, 22min)

It’s time to say farewell to Slovenia! Enjoy your last moments in this beautiful country with a leisurely breakfast and some coffee before you drive to the Airport to return your car and catch your flight home.

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