Arctic Self-E-drive Tour

Tour type: Self-drive with electric car

Starting: Tromso airportEnding: Tromso airport


Upon arrival to the airport, you will take over the electric car, which will be your e-mission free transportation for the following week. The car company representative will be waiting for you and explain all details regarding the car. You can download an app with all locations of charging stations, which are in every city. You will be provided with all necessary cards for these stations and will be charged accordingly to the usage upon returning the car. The car also includes plugs and cables for charging at stations or even at a regular electric socket.

However, most of hotels included in the itinerary offer their own charging stations, so you will easily park and charge the car in front of your accommodation.

The electrical charging is free or at least significantly cheaper than the price of regular fuel. Also, upon returning you don’t need to return full battery as with the standard cars.



The 9-days tour will take you through northern part of  Norway, Sweden and Finland. You will enjoy driving through the picturesque landscapes, which are very different in each of the three countries. Get ready for active holidays with lots of exciting activities and good foof.

Itinerary, accommodation, car rental, insurance, activities – everything is organised for you. The program can be adapted to your wishes.

All activities are subject to availability depending on the season of travel.



Day 1: Tromso airport – Tromso (5km, 12min)

Upon arrival at Tromso airport pick up your rental car and drive to Tromso city. Check in at the hotel and have the rest of the day at leisure.

Whether you are hunting for the norther lights or midnight sun this capital of the Arctic will not disappoint. Tromso is small but lively city situated 350 km above the Arctic circle and it offers historical city centre with wooden houses, interesting museums, Arctic cathedral, funicular to the top of the hill where you will have the most amazing view of the city and the fjords.

You can also choose from the numerous activities in Tromso and surroundings, depending on time of the year.

Services included: Electric rent-a-car for 9 days, Tromso cable car ticket, overnight in 4* hotel in Tromso

Optional: Fjord cruise


Day 2: Tromso – Polar Park (200km, 3h) – Bjervik (36km, 33min) – Andenes (256km, 3h 40min)

After breakfast departure from the hotel. Start your journey toward Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Centre – The world’s northernmost animal park and home to Norway’s large predators such as bears, wolves, and lynx as well as deer, moose, reindeer and muskox.

After the visit continue to Bjervik have a lunch and charge your car. When you and your car are full continue to Andenes for overnight (charge the car overnight).

Services included: Polar Park ticket, dinner & overnight in 4*hotel


Day 3: Andenes

After breakfast join Whalewatching safari.  The great sperm whales live in a high productive area just northwest of Andenes. Therefore, Andenes is the only place in Northern Europe where there is a high degree of certainty (between 95-99 percent) to see whales on relatively short trips. Please notice that we have a great respect fot hte Whales and our provider takes the well-being of the whales into account.

Afternoon free for walking on the beach, hiking, exploring the village or just chilling.

Services included: Whale watching safari,  dinner & overnight in 4*hotel


Day 4: Andenes – Svolvaer (210km, 3h)

Time to go to Lofoten islands! Drive toward Svolvaer, stop on the way to take in the beautiful nature all around you. Free time to explore, you can charge your car in Svolvaer.

Svolvaer is the biggest city on the archipelago and capital of the Lofoten Islands.

Services included: dinner & overnight in 4*hotel


 Day 5: Svolvaer – Bostad (55km, 51min) – Svolvaer

Free morning to explore this sustainable destination – Lofoten islands. Absolutely staggering beauty wherever you turn. Crystal clear water, remarkable sandy beaches, incredible peaks of granite that look as if they were drawn by children, hiking trails galore, sea kayaking, fishing…

In the late afternoon drive to Bostad. Lofoten has a strong connection to the Viking Age, and at Lofotr Viking Museum you can experience the Viking Age as it really was. At Borg, archaeologists have discovered the largest Viking longhouse ever found from this era. The building is 83 metres long and has been reconstructed as a living museum.

Services included: Viking museum ticket, Viking feast & overnight in 4* hotel in Svolvaer.

Optional: fishing trip


Day 6: Svolvaer – Abisko (Sweden) – (285km, 4h) – Kiruna (94km, 1h 15min)

New day, new country. Start your journey after breakfast and stop in Bjerkvik for lunch or snack and feed your car as well. Then continue toward Abisko. Located 195 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle, Abisko National Park has a varied landscape that changes throughout the seasons. The park is a part of the majestic forested valley surrounded on three sides by the Abisko Alps and the vast lake Torneträsk in the north. You can stop and do a hike or a stroll on a famous King’s Trail (Kungsleden) or simply continue to Kiruna. Dinner and overnight in Kiruna.

Services included: Dinner & overnight in 4* hotel in Kiruna


Day 7: Kiruna – Jukkasjarvi (19km, 22mi )  – Hetta (236km, 3h)

Exciting day ahead of us! Did you know that you can move the whole town? The city of Kiruna is transforming in many ways when the big iron ore mine is going deeper. The oldest parts of town will disappear and historic buildings will have to move. Environments and houses will be moved or torn down.

Start with famous Kiruna mine tour (subject to availability). The mine in Kiruna is the world’s largest underground iron-ore mine. It is a fascinating operation where the ore is mined far below the surface using remotely operated machines and driverless trains.

After the mine visit drive to Jukkasjarvi and visit the Ice hotel. The world famous ice hotel is open year-round for a visit or an overnight.

Time to hit the road toward Finland. On the way to Hetta make a stop in Rajabaari Neste to charge your car and have a nice cup of coffee. Scandinavians love their coffee.

After arrival to Hetta check in, dinner and overnight.

Services included: Kiruna mine tour, Ice hotel visit, overnight in 4* hotel in Hetta.


Day 8: Hetta – Kilpisjärvi (173km, 2h 15min)- Tromso (161km, 2h 18min)

Time to set a new record! Drive to Kilpisjärvi and try to beat us in visiting three countries in 30s. The Three Nations’ Border point is on a man-made island in the Malla Strict Nature Reserve. The point is located about 11 km west from the village of Kilpisjärvi. You get there by boat and a 3km walk in the summer or snowmobile in the winter.

When you come back pick up your car from charging station and continu your road trip to Tromso.

Overnight in Tromso.

Services included: Overnight at  4* hotel in Tromso

Optional: morning visit to Hetta Husky farm / sledge drive depending on the season), snowmobile safari to 3 borders (winter time only)


Day 9: Tromso – Tromso airport (5km, 12min)

Drive to Tromso airport, drop off the car and catch your flight back home.