Fuerteventura – Canary Island Adventure


Fuerteventura is one of the island of the Canaries and spending your holidays there will certainly not disappoint you. Sun seekers will find activities for every taste and budget on their Fuerteventura holidays, whether you’re looking for a fun-packed holiday full of adrenalin-pumping activities or a tranquil, relaxing break. You can enjoy your holiday at Fuerteventura whenever you please, thanks to its mild year-round climate and 150 exotic beaches, which makes it a popular destination for winter sun holidays as well as family summer holidays.

The summers – starting from June to August – are warm, dry and windy, so you can enjoy clear sky, long hours of sunshine and warm beaches to relax on. Whereas the winters are mild with short-lived rain showers between December and March.

Itinerary and Location

Itinerary can be flexible and can be tailored with special interest and client’s requests, below are some ideas.


Option 1


Tindaya is a peaceful countryside village under the “holy” mountain, with exquisite views over the Atlantic Ocean. Very close to the “civilization” (20 minutes to Corralejo), yet secluded enough, that you can unplug and escape the touristic atmosphere and immerse into the stillness of a volcanic landscape that surrounds the village. The site lies under the Tindaya Mountain, a rock, known for its mystical stories, foot engravings, and dancing witches. Teepee tents are truly unique way to disconnect and reconnect with nature and ourselves. The community offers a different kind of vacation: teepee glamping tents in rustic environment are cozy, stylish and comfortable, and equipped with everything you need, including electricity outlets and all of the facilities. Your hosts will take care of your healthy meals, too: a talented young chef will accommodate every dietary restriction and treat you with the tastiest and healthiest organic and local food. She will serve you a homegrown-vegetable dish, a tasty flowery vegan cake, eggs and goat milk from their own farm, with a slice of home-baked bread or a vitaminboasting porridge… a feast for our tummies and our eyes! And that is only a beginning…


Option 2


The popular resort of Corralejo is situated on the northern coast of Fuerteventura and its white sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. Charming seaside town with a fun upbeat atmosphere and charisma is filled with shops, restaurants and cafes and surrounded by breathtaking beaches and dunes. Corralejo is extremely popular with water sports enthusiasts and sun-seekers, and offers suitable conditions to do that all year long! You will stay in a private resort apartment or an aparthotel room with beautiful big pools, and with delicious breakfast included in the price of the retreat.


Option 3

PRIVATE VILLAS – for 2-8 people (Countryside or Corralejo)

For couples or families, wanting to spend their holiday in a luxurious spacious villa with a private pool, or for bigger groups we offer a selection of high-end properties, either in quiet countryside environment with breath-taking views or in lively Corralejo and close to the best beaches, restaurants and shops on the north of Fuerteventura. The food is self-catered for this option.


Activities and experiences


There is no better way to discover hidden treasures and see the island from a different perspective, than immerse into a mystique volcanic landscape on an E-bike that will take you far away without breaking too much of a sweat… E-biking is a fun and active way to really get to know Fuerteventura and feel all of its energy and power that hides in between the millions-of-years-old volcanoes. Our guides will offer an unbeatable experience and best costumer care imaginable and will take a good care of you right from the get-go. First they will explain how the E-bikes work and test your abilities, you can practice, and when you are comfortable, it’s time to start. You will be provided with all of the safety equipment and guidelines you need for an enjoyable and safe E-bike tour. But you don’t have to worry about anything: E-bikes are suitable for any level of fitness and any age. And there is no time pressure: you decide the pace and speed, the guides are there to support you and help you to use the E-bikes to their very best, with your safety as a first priority in mind. Along the way the guides will share a few secrets and details about Fuerteventura’s past and present with you and make you enjoy the tour and the island from a different, yet active and fun perspective.



Something you should NOT miss out on when you are on “European Hawaii”: surfing in the clear blue waters that offer suitable conditions all year long! Do not worry about anything: this is a private course, which means our instructor will attend to you individually and fully. We will take care of place and time and the equipment, with your comfort and safety always at the top of our list! Or how about a stroll on a surface of the sea with popular stand up paddle (SUP)? Or maybe even learning/perfecting your wind/kitesurfing skills?



Our instructor is a certified Vinyasa and yin yoga teacher. She has been teaching yoga and meditation and organizing yoga retreats on this beautiful island for over 8 years. She is trained in dynamic vinyasa, hatha and more recently yin yoga. For her yoga is a way of connecting to the divine, finding stillness, staying in the present, and feeling grounded and balanced. And what better place to do that than on a beach by the ocean or in front of your glamping tent?



With airspace protect by law, a superb all year round climate and perfectly located 1900 miles above the equator, Fuerteventura is an awesome place to view the night sky. In fact it is amongst the best locations on Earth. It has been officially designated as the third Starlight Reserve in the Canary Islands! This is basically a recognition of the island’s exceptional conditions as one of the best places to view stars without the interference of light pollution. A Starlight Reserve is a concept that was created in 2007, in cooperation with UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre. Observing the wonders of the Universe through a very powerful telescope in a perfect quiet environment, in a location devoid of atmospheric and light pollution, is a truly memorable experience. We offer a unique opportunity to spend an evening looking at our own Solar System, the incredible star Constellations within our home Galaxy the Milky Way that stretches beyond our comprehension, complete with Galaxies and Nebulae. Welcome to the journey.



All though Fuerteventura volcanoes have been dormant for thousands of years, exploring the perfectly preserved craters is still a must, when visiting this beautiful island. We will take you to the ones with the most exquisite views and amazing (hi)stories… Some of the volcanoes and mountains are overrun by hungry chipmunks, other with prehistorical foot engravings and witch ghosts … Some we will conquer by foot, some with E-bikes, alongside some other highlights of the island, either secret or popular.



1. 6-ACTIVITY HOLIDAY PACKAGE (guest can choose any 6 activities from our offer)
1a) Accommodation: 3 nights in teepee tents; 4 nights in private resort apartment/aparthotel (Option 1+2)
1b) Accommodation 7 nights in private resort apartment/aparthotel (Option 2)
1c) Accommodation in private villa (Option 3)


2. 12-ACTIVITY HOLIDAY PACKAGE (guests can choose any 12 activities from our offer)
2a) Accommodation: 3 nights in teepee tents; 4 nights in private resort apartment/aparthotel (Option 1+2)
2b) Accommodation 7 nights in private resort apartment/aparthotel (Option 2)
2c) Accommodation in private villa (Option 3)


3a) Accommodation: 3 nights in teepee tents; 4 nights in private resort apartment/aparthotel (Option 1+2)
3b) Accommodation 7 nights in private resort apartment/aparthotel (Option 2)
3c) Accommodation in private villa (Option 3)


Accommodation: 7 night in teepee tents


A two-day E-bike tour with dinner or a BBQ and spending the night in a teepee or a glamping tent on the beach.


Accommodation in a private villa with a pool, with everyday activities from our offer, food included (Christmas dinner as well).