Energy Path – Slovenia Spiritual


The tour is a perfect getaway from everyday stress and never ending list of tasks. Every now and then everybody needs to have a deep breath, take some time for yourself and just relax. Choosing Slovenia for that kind of pampering is the perfect idea, as forests cover almost 60 percent of country’s surface. That is why you will be able to enjoy nature in its full beauty and intactness and clean your body and soul among the way. Leave all your worries behind and let the spiritual journey begin.

Itinerary and Location


Day 1

The quiet energies of the Žiče Carthusian Monastery Upon arrival at Ljubljana Airport, you will be transferred to Žiče Charterhouse. The Carthusians settled in this hidden and remote valley as early as the 12th century. Because they felt nature much more than we do now, they chose this place for a humble life according to the regular rules, given the extraordinary energy space. The space for the Carthusian Monastery also offered them an extremely powerful source of water. All this provided them with good conditions for spiritual growth. Nearby is also a place with three megaliths, whose energy occasionally offered them additional purification and energy uplift. You’ll have the chance to experience all the above mentioned and more. Overnight at glamping accommodation or a guesthouse.


Day 2

A breathtaking emerald river full of adventures and energy – Soča River After breakfast, you’ll continue your adventure to one of the most beautiful valleys in the Balkan area – Soča Valley. You will start with activities such as wild water kayaking, rafting, canyoning, etc., as previously arranged. Afterwards you will be served dinner in a local restaurant with a traditional Slovenian menu. Overnight at hotel/glamping accommodation/guesthouse.


Day 3

The secrets of the living water After breakfast you will once again visit Most na Soči town. But this time for a little bit different adventure. There were 14 vital energy points discovered with the radiesthesia method along the gravel walking paths in the vicinity of Most na Soči. Specially selected energy-suitable stones, pebbles from the Soča, Idrijca, and Nadiža Rivers are placed in these places, which increase the flow of energy into space. You will head to the right bank of the Soča River and visit an important place in the past and present called the Belin sanctuary with Belin’s throne, which is above the village of Volče. Next stop for building up your energy will be at the Rezjan sanctuary which was once used as a calendar, sanctuary and health resort. Afterwards you will drive to the parking lot on the Kuhinja Mountain. From there it is less than 45 min walk to the megalithic circle below Krn. There you will get to know the entire energy system of the settlement, which consisted of two circles, water, and fire. You will head back to the valley to the Grofova voda (Count Water) spring, where you will refresh yourselves with wonderful energy water. The water from the spring runs underneath the tree, enriching it with energy. The elm tree with its positive energy affects all seven chakras. If you bring a bottle with you, you will be able to take some water home with you. You will continue your way to the ancient religious sanctuary Babja Jama. The cave is completely dark so you will need to use flashlight when entering. You will end the trip strolling along the energy circle, which is part of the Jezero Energy Park. Dinner and overnight.


Day 4

»Slovenian Tuscany« with Herbal paradise and Energy labyrinth After breakfast and 2 hour drive in the hinterland of Istria, a herbal paradise awaits you. You’ll learn about cultivating herbs with great care, which have been a part of folk medicine for thousands of years. You will also have the opportunity to enter the mystical energy circles, which represent the seven chakras, and feel the mighty Earth Energy. This Energy Labyrinth acts very beneficial on a person, as it increases vibration, helps you drop off the burden faster and throws away all the unnecessary ballast that you accumulate in the course of your life. A type of washing machine for human emotions, we could say. You will, of course, have time to experience that. After a day spent in nature, you will enjoy well deserved dinner and overnight at your accommodation.


Day 5

»Free as a bird« As a small group, you will have a chance to cocreate your last day. Since Slovenia is a small country, everything is close. You can spend the day on the coastline, at Lipica stud farm, Postojna cave, or maybe in the capital of our beautiful country – Ljubljana. The only important thing is that you pick the destination on your first day to arrange everything needed for you your farewell day. After a perfectly spent last day, you will be heading to Ljubljana airport for the departure.

Postojna Cave