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One of the smallest yet most diverse european countries, Slovenia has everything what the big nations have, only packed in a very small package. Maybe not for everyone as the most discerning and savy prefer to keep it for themselve.


»The Mediterranean as it once was« is the slogan of the country and quite righfully so. The country with over a thousand islands is still largely preserved and intact, developping tourism rather late and more slowly then many others.


Be it because of Paris, Mont Blanc, Cote d'Azure, Provence, french wine, food or its luxury fashion, maybe even the language, France has become a trademark of its own and the world's most desired destination.


What is the first image of Italy that comes to your mind? Is it fashion, arts, capuccino or the delicious food? Would it be Collosseum, ferrari or a Gucci bag? Is it the gelato or Michelangelo's statue or maybe even the Pope?

The 7 Countries of “Yugoslavia” Motorcycle Tour

It used to be one country called Yugoslavia. Ride 111.000 km (68.350 mi.) all the way from coastline of Adriatic Sea to the untouched countryside of today 7 independent countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Adriatic to Alps Motorcycle Tour

It's the perfect holiday for those who enjoy riding scenic roads. Starting along Dalmatian coastline with its crystal clear waters you'll visit the Adriatic islands, explore world heritage sites, ancient cities and ride the best mountain roads in Europe.

Private: Italian Circle

The dazzling scenery of Cinque Terre, Italy.

Windsor, Stonehenge & Salisbury

A journey into Berkshire & Wiltshire to visit 3 popular sightseeing landmarks and their surrounding areas – Windsor Castle, Stonehenge & Salisbury Cathedral! Already the start of the day will be on high note by visiting the largest and oldest occupied Castle in the world.

Stonehenge and Bath

A daily tour that takes you to see Stonehenge, one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe, as well as Bath, the city famous for its roman baths as well as the place where british writer Jane Austen lived in.