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West Europe

United Kingdom

There is simply too much to visit and do here that the opening lines of this text allow us to mention, so take it as a trace of a british humour (which only they seem to properly understand) and turn on to the next page.


If you come to admire the greenery of the nature or to explore the remnants of the turbulent history of the nation or just to join the St. Patrick's festivities. Either way you'll be met with some of the friendliest people there are.


Be it because of Paris, Mont Blanc, Cote d'Azure, Provence, french wine, food or its luxury fashion, maybe even the language, France has become a trademark of its own and the world's most desired destination.

The Netherlands

Could be because they had extracted as much as a third of the country from the sea, that the Dutch put more attention to the look of their homes then anyone else. Famous for gardens and tulips, canals and cheese and Amsterdam as for that matter.


Fancy tasting waffles on the canals of the city of Brugges? Or maybe exploring the statue of the little boy in Bruxelles, the seat of the European Union? Or what if we tell you of belgium chocolate or beer or maybe even the diamonds in Antwerp?


Being one of the smallest and richest european countries, juggling between the big nations to east and to west, Luxembourg is a duchy and it definitely must have had some very clever dukes else we wouldn't have a chapter opened here.


What is the first image of Italy that comes to your mind? Is it fashion, arts, capuccino or the delicious food? Would it be Collosseum, ferrari or a Gucci bag? Is it the gelato or Michelangelo's statue or maybe even the Pope?


A tourism super-power, Spain has everything: from sunny beaches to beautiful cities, culture, museums and arts, festivals, food and wine, football and more. And not to forget the paella, flamenco, spanish language and siesta, of course.


Some come because they want to compare Lisbon and Porto or to worship Virgin Mary in Fatima or to relax on the beaches of Algarve or to discover the beautiful inlands. Some simply arrive to listen to fado while drinking a port.