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South Europe


»The Mediterranean as it once was« is the slogan of the country and quite righfully so. The country with over a thousand islands is still largely preserved and intact, developping tourism rather late and more slowly then many others.


One of the smallest yet most diverse european countries, Slovenia has everything what the big nations have, only packed in a very small package. Maybe not for everyone as the most discerning and savy prefer to keep it for themselve.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

It takes some time to understand this country built on the crossroads of muslim, orthodox and catholic faiths, so terribly effected by war twenty years ago. However seeing is believing so coming and meeting some of the friendliest people is a definite must.


The pocket-size country contains two faces, the mediterranean and the mountanious, one next to another. Famous for the breathtaking scenery, proud inhabitants who are also the tallest in Europe and more and more luxorious resorts.


Belgrade - considered one of the safest yet most vivid paryting places and with one of the best values for money. But then again Serbia is so much more then it's capital alone, a country rich in cultural and natural sites and with very welcoming people.

Macedonia (FYROM)

Rich with history dating back to the Ancient Greece and Alexander the Great, Macedonia has a lot to offer: from Lake Ohrid, called the Jerusalem of the Balkans, to the capital Skopje, home of Mother Teresa and much more.


From its mountain chains to the Black Sea Coast, from the rose valley and the vineyards to the monasteries and the old cities, Bulgaria is a very diverse country in the heart of the Balkan peninsula well-worth visiting.


A bit on a sideline of history this country seems to have kept the life of its own through myths and traditions guarding the eastern frontier of Europe and preserving the language which Romans have brought two millenia ago.


The last comer on the tourism stage Albania is rapidly catching up with its neighbours but still offering a very distinctive look and feel to it with the most preserved mediterranean coastline and a rich cultural heritage of its inlands.


There is nothing that can take the sunshine, the sea, the sandy beaches away, nor the ancient culture, the monuments they have built the warmth of greek people. Not even the financial crisis.


What is the first image of Italy that comes to your mind? Is it fashion, arts, capuccino or the delicious food? Would it be Collosseum, ferrari or a Gucci bag? Is it the gelato or Michelangelo's statue or maybe even the Pope?