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East Europe

Czech Republic

The land of Ċ vejk is not solely about Prague, though Prague is one of the most beautiful european cities, there are also an abundance of world-class castles, medieval towns and healing spas. And don't forget the breweries neither.


It is not only the distinctive language that differentiates hungarians, but also the melancholic character linked to the days of the Empire gone by bearing similarities to the slowly winding flow of Danube as it cuts through the country.


While it might not be the biggest and has therefore quite often been overshadowed by more pompous neighbours, the hilly and rivery Slovakia is much like a medieval princess still awaiting to be discovered.


As one of the most catholic countries and homeland of Pope John II, it was interesting that also a Jewish community found refuge in Poland. This vast country is still not properly explored beyond the highpoints of Warsaw and Krakow.