North Europe

Breathtaking scenery, the Vikings, glaciers, fjords, picturesque cities and dreamy fishing villages … This is Northern Europe. The place where fairy-tales come true and where the sun seems to never set in the summer.

South Europe

With Greece and Croatia, the rising star among the sea-side destinations, South Europe is a must-visit for the beach-seekers. But it is not only about the beaches, it is also about its far less known inlands that will amaze you with diverse landscape.

West Europe

This if where one's first visit to Europe usually starts: London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and more other world-wide famous places that attract evoking a lot of glamour and prestige to it.

Central Europe

The most centrally positioned countries of Europe, Swiss, Germany, Austria and Slovenia, will amaze you with breathtaking nature and thousands of years old history, which reflects in friendly people, rich culture and grandiose architectural masterpieces.

East Europe

The New Europe as it is often called brings a lot of exciting itineraries to the travellers map. For those well travelled and keen to explore the heritage places which aren't in the news for that long yet definitely deserve your attention.